Cloth Diapering

Cloth Diapering

I had my son, Cayden, back in March 2011. Due to complications during my pregnancy, my doctor took me off work and I was on and off bedrest for most of my pregnancy (from 12 weeks until I had him). During that time, we had to get used to living only on my husband’s income. With daycare costing $798 a month for two kids, even if I went back to work, we’d barely be getting ahead any with how much it would cost to put our two kids in daycare. So we decided that I would just stay home for good. To continue to live only on my husband’s income for a prolonged period of time, I knew we’d have to come up with ways to cut costs. So, I decided to cloth diaper our son.

There are many many options out there. All-in-ones, pocket diapers, one sized, diaper covers…. etc. It can be a little overwhelming with all that is out there in the way of cloth diapers. Just do a little research and see what fits best with your lifestyle. I chose the one-size pocket diapers by FuzziBunz. They have a waterproof outer layer and an opening where you can put in or take out as many absorbent layers as your baby/child may need. My favorite thing about the one-size diapers is that they are highly adjustable. Buttons and elastic around the waist and legs enable these diapers to fit  your child from birth up until they’re potty trained. So, just buy one set of diapers (8-12) and you’re set. Forever. :) You can buy more if you’d like to do laundry less often. I have 8 FuzziBunz diapers and I’m doing a load of diapers every day to day and a half. It costs a bit more upfront to start out with cloth diapers. The FuzziBunz one-size diapers cost about $15 a piece. So about $120-$180 for a set of 8-12. But then that’s it. $180 forever. How much is spent on regular diapers every week? Let’s lowball that estimate and say $10 a week. $40 a month. $480 a year. If your child is potty trained by the time they’re two, you will have spent AT LEAST $960 on diapers. Even more if they’re not potty trained until later. (my daughter wasn’t completely potty trained until she was almost 4, and I wasn’t cloth diapering yet then, so we spent ALOT of money on diapers). Now, one thing is, my water bill did go up a little bit, but only about $7 a month. That’s $84 a year in extra water costs, compared to at least $480 with buying diapers. Your water bill could be even less if you started out with more diapers than I did. I only have 8, so I’m doing laundry more often.

Here are a couple pictures of the diapers I use for my son.

In the pictures you can see the buttons around the waist and the adjustable elastic with numbered holes around the legs that allow these diapers to fit your child from birth through potty training!

If you have ANY questions, please just ask! :)


  1. Melanie says:

    I’m so proud of you for using cloth diapers! It’s also good that they have come such a long way that it makes them easier to use. Good luck!


  2. Sunni Faries says:

    I have been cloth diapering my son since day 1, one of the best choices I ever made not just because of the savings but for the environment and his sensitive skin.

  3. Cynthia Brooks says:

    Wow I started potty training my 2 yr old and stopped buying diapers alltogether. I was wondering what the extra water was costing my landlord. Now I have a guestimate. I have 3 waterproof qtbun trainers and 1 kawaii cloth diaper for nighttime and I wash a small load a day.

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