CVS 101

How Does CVS Work?

  • Sign up for an Extra Care Card (You can do this in the store at the register and get your card right away) – It’s free to sign up, and basically just involves filling out a form with some personal information about yourself such as name and address. You will get an Extra Care Card that you will need to give to the cashier so they can scan it every time you check-out at CVS. All the sale prices and Extra Bucks(EB’s) require you to use your Extra Care Card. You are only allowed to have one Extra Care Card per household.
  • When you purchase advertised items, you can earn Extra Care Bucks (ECB’s) that can be used toward your next purchase. Each week, I post the ECB deals for the week, as well as any couponthat can be used for your purchase to lower the out of pocket (OOP) even further. So, when I do my coupon matchups, I’ll list it like this:

Schick Hydro Razor – $8.29 (Get $3EB)
$5/1 Schick Hydro Razor
Final Price – $.29 (after EB)

This means that the Schick razorcosts $3.29 and you will receive $3 in EB’s when you make your purchase. So, I would pay $3.29 in cash, and then $3 in ECB’s would printout on my receipt to be used on my next purchase.

  • Some people like to ‘roll their EB’s and do several transactions in one trip to the store. For instance, I buy the Schick razor mentioned above and use the $3 EB from that transaction to pay for the next transaction, then use the EB from the 2nd transaction to pay for the 3rd, etc. I, however, always only do 1 transaction at CVS. My first week shopping there, I bought several items that had good EB deals attached to them. That first week, I had a pretty high OOP, but then I was left with about $16 EB to use the next week. That way, I didn’t have to mess with multiple transactions. I had enough EB to buy everything I wanted that week in one big transaction. Doing it this way keeps me rolling about 10-15 EB every week, thus allowing me to do it all in one transaction every time.

How to Use Coupons at CVS

  • There are 4 different types of coupons that you can use at CVS:
  1. $/$$ purchase CVS coupon – for example, Get $5 off a $15 purchase
  2. CVS coupon – usually prints on the bottom of your receipt after a purchase or from the price scanner machine when you scan your Extra Care Card
  3. Manufacturer’s coupon – coupons that are reimbursed by the manufacturer (will state on the coupon) that can be found in the Sunday paper, on tearpads throughout the store, etc.
  4. EB’s – EB’s are lik coupon formoney off your purchase
  • If you have a $/$$ coupon, you need to purchase the required amount of items (before coupons) and hand the cashier this coupon first before any other coupons reduce your purchase amount.
  • You can stack CVS and manufacturer’s coupons for the same item (meaning you can use both coupons on 1 item). One of the coupons is paid for by CVS and the other coupon is paid for by the manufacturer.
  • Give your EB’s to the cashier last. You cannot use your EB’s to pay sales tax on your purchase, so before I hand over my EB’s, I’ll ask the cashier for my subtotal and try to match my EB’s as closely as possible to that amount without going over.

If there’s anything you notice that I’ve missed, or if you still have questions about anything having to do with CVS, just leave a comment. Or, you can contact me directly at

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