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" Clever Coupon Cents was created by me, Arica Hart. I’m a stay at home mom of 2 wonderful children. I live in Ohio, but I grew up in Texas where my mom and dad taught me the value of a hard earned dollar. I’m a scrapbooking-crocheting-coupon lovin’-U.S. Army/Iraq war veteran.

P The next clue is: What was born from my ‘love of crafting’?

My goal here is to help everyone to save money. It’s nice to have a little (or big) stockpile going in your home… knowing that it’s there should your family ever be too tight on money to buy something you need. Here at Clever Coupon Cents, I try to help keep everyone up on the best deals… no one should have to pay retail anymore. :) I give my readers a heads up on what coupons are coming out ahead of time and matchup coupons to upcoming sales to give everyone a heads up on what’s going to be a good deal in the upcoming week. I have something on my blog for everyone, from the coupon newbie to the experienced coupon veteran. Not only do I talk about how to save money by couponing, I also have a ‘Frugal Living’ section on my site that talks about other ways to save money in everyday life. Saving money isn’t just about using coupons, it’s a way of life. :)

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