Food on the Table meal planner – FREE for LIFE!

How many of you have started spring cleaning your house? I bet there’s even a few ambitious fans out there that have already finished. :) I applaud you! Because this girl… well, I’ve started… but I’ve still got a LONG way to go. :) As I’ve been going through things and browsing Pinterest (I’m ADDICTED to say the least. LOL.) for ideas on how to organize and whatnot, it’s gotten me the mood to stay more organized with my family’s meal schedule, too. :)

Food on the Table is an awesome online tool to help you set up a weekly meal plan. Grocery lists… recipes… the whole nine yards! In the past, the free version only allowed you to plan 2 meals per week and then if you wanted the full version, it was $4.99/month. Right now, Food on the Table has a special offer up that gets you FREE access to the FULL VERSION of Food on the Table for LIFE.

Free for life! :) Use code SPRINGFREE when you sign up. Offer good only for April!

Click on the picture above or HERE to sign up now!


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